• It is a pneumatically operated device for testing LPG Cylinder valves of the standard Self Closing Valve. It is capable of showing up leaks from both the O’ring and the valve pin.
  • In addition this instrument offers the capability of distinguishing between these two sources of leakage. Thus eliminating an additional test.


  • Lower the CVT on to the cylinder valve.
  • Supply compressed air at the port A & B to close the jaws and grip the valve.
  • The persistent presence of bubbles in the bubble chamber indicates a leak.
  • To distinguish if the leak is from the O’ring or the valve pin, switch off the air supply to port B. If the bubble stop, the leak is in the O’ring. If the bubbles persist, the leak is in the valve pin.


  • High sensitivity.
  • Fast response.
  • Both O’ring and valve pin leak can be detected.
  • Can distinguish between O’ring and Valve pin leak.